Personnel Committees


Each department of the centre has a Personnel Committee. Each committee is a parity committee. It is composed of one part-time instructor from the department and one representative of the administration of the centre, with the exception of the English department. The English Department Personnel Committee is composed of three part-time instructors and three representatives of the administration of the centre. The tasks of the Personnel Committee members are to verify the assignment of courses, verify qualification criteria for non-teaching contracts, make recommendations for assignments of non-teaching contracts, and verify seniority points for part-time instructors’ experience and education (if applicable in the department). As well, Personnel Committee members assist in the recruitment of new part-time instructors and evaluate the teaching qualification requirements for new courses.

Article 24 of the collective agreement covers Personnel Committees. It stipulates that members of these committees shall serve the interests of the department that they represent and those of the centre as well as the interests of the part-time instructors who teach in their department.


Business & Admin department:

Robert Soroka

Communications department:

Elizabeth Johnston

Computer Institute department:

Ashok Kaushal

English department:

Rebecca Davidson
Kamran Ghazi
Perry Shearwood

French department:

Tanya Ullmann

Learning & Study Skills department:

Carol Hawthorne

Photography department:

Selvin Cortez