Executive Committee


The Executive Committee is the leadership of CUCEPTFU. It is made up of the president; the vice-president, collective agreement; the vice-president, communications; the secretary; and the treasurer. These positions are elected for a term of two years at the General Assembly. The Executive Committee meets about once a month.

The Executive Committee guides the union’s affairs. It decides the place and time of union meetings. It sets up any committee required and appoints people to represent the union, subject to the approval of the General Assembly. It receives members’ complaints and deals with them. It works with the General Assembly to carry out the will of the members. The attributes of the Executive Committee are covered in detail in Article 35 of the CUCEPTFU Constitution.

Executive Committee Job Descriptions

The following is a summary of job descriptions for the Executive Committee. As a rule, Executive Committee members must be available during all academic sessions of the year. Their presence may also be required during the breaks between sessions, notably for matters requiring dealings with outside parties or the upper administration of the University. As this is not a comprehensive, detailed listing of duties for each position, anyone requiring further information should contact a member of the CUCEPTFU Executive Committee.

Executive as a Whole

  • Attend Executive Committee meetings (every two weeks during academic sessions and as required)
  • Attend all Union Council meetings and General Assemblies
  • Deal with all current issues
  • Establish budget
  • Decide on long-term goals and strategic planning
  • Determine responsibilities of Executive Committee and union officers
  • Respond to University documents, discussion papers, and proposals
  • Represent the Union on University Committees

Union Officers on the Executive Committee


  • Coordinates activities of the Executive Committee
  • Oversees operations of the Executive Committee and all other committees
  • Official spokesperson and contact with the employer
  • Official spokesperson and contact with all outside bodies
  • Calls, chairs and prepares the agenda for union meetings
  • Co-signs cheques
  • External Committees: Inter-Union Council and FNEEQ Regroupement université
  • Labour Relations Committee
  • Negotiations Committee
  • Office duties as necessary


  • Coordinates work of external secretary
  • Manages union copies of contracts
  • Coordinates meetings: reserves rooms and arranges for food
  • Takes minutes of meetings
  • Prepares and sends union correspondence to members and others
  • Coordinates signing up of new members
  • Collects and keeps records of statistical information regarding the union
  • Checks mail and messages and distributes correspondence received
  • Organizes and maintains filing system
  • Provides updated lists of officers and committee members to the Executive Committee, the University, to FNEEQ and to other unions
  • Submits list of union officers requiring substitution to the University before every semester
  • Manages office supplies

Vice-president, Collective Agreement

  • Oversees verification of course distribution
  • Oversees Personnel Committees
  • Responsible for grievances
  • Oversees Grievance Committees
  • Oversees Evaluation Committees
  • Prepares letters of agreement
  • Labour Relations Committee: deals with issues relating to the Collective Agreement and labour relations
  • Negotiations Committee

Vice-president, Communications

  • Responsible for production of the CUCEPTFU Newsletter
  • Maintains the computer system
  • Maintains the website


Twice a month:

  • Deposits dues and payments from new members
  • Completes forms - liberation, per capita, expenses
  • Pays bills - liberation, per capita, expenses
  • Updates cashbook /checks petty cash

End of the month:

  • Bank reconciliation (balances books)
  • Updates receipts and expenses, verifies budget
  • Checks Concordia Treasury account

Beginning of the Term:

  • Checks union dues and contracts

Year End:

  • Prepares financial statements and budgets
  • Determines future needs and priorities


President Beverley LeBlanc bev_leblanc@yahoo.ca
Vice-president, Collective Agreement Stephen De Four-Wyre stephen.defour.wyre@gmail.com
Vice-president, Communications Tanya Ullmann tanyau1@hotmail.com
Treasurer Joseph Hulet hulet@videotron.ca
Secretary David Paupelain paupelain@hotmail.com