Pension Plan

The following provides a brief summary of pension benefits. For further information, please consult clause 21.07 of the Collective Agreement. For comprehensive information on the Concordia University Pension Plan, go to


Instructors are eligible to participate in the Pension Plan in a given year if their annual remuneration for the previous year was equal to or greater than 35% of the maximum pensionable earnings, in accordance with the Régie des Rentes du Quebec. In 2021, 35% of YMPE equals approximately $21,560.

Early Retirement

At age 55, instructors may take early retirement in accordance with the terms and conditions of the Concordia University Pension Plan.

Easing into Retirement Provision

Instructors who have 15 or more years of service may retire and draw their Concordia pension while maintaining seniority and continuing to work. An instructor taking advantage of these provisions must agree to reduce the number of hours worked in a year to 50% or less than the most number of hours worked in any of the three years preceding retirement. An instructor who decides to take advantage of these provisions is covered by most articles of the Collective Agreement, with some exceptions. After 20 sessions (5 years) the instructor must take full retirement. For full details, see Annex E of the Collective Agreement.