Sick Leave, Accident Leave and Short-term Disability Plan

The following provides a summary of benefits related to sick leave, accident leave and short-term disability benefits for CUCEPTFU members who meet the eligibility criteria. For further information, please consult clauses 21.02, 21.03 and 21.04 of the Collective Agreement.

Sick Leave

As per clause 21.02, instructors are entitled to paid sick leave for medical reasons. A medical certificate may be requested for an absence of more than 5 days.

Short-term Disability Plan

As per clause 21.03 of the Collective Agreement, instructors participate in a short-term disability plan. For the first four weeks, an instructor absent for reasons of illness or accident receives his or her full salary. Instructors who have accumulated 720 hours of service in the English department or 30 seniority points in the other departments are entitled to short-term disability benefits until the end of the second session following the session in which the instructor started their sick leave. The short-term disability insurance benefits shall be equivalent to eighty-five percent (85%) of the salary provided for in the instructor’s contracts for the session in which the disability occurs, and for the entire period covered. Those who have accumulated less than the seniority thresholds mentioned above are entitled to short-term disability benefits until the end of their contract(s).

Accident Leave

As per clause 21.04, in case of a work-related illness or accident, instructors are entitled to paid leave until they begin to receive benefits from the CNESST. They will also be paid the difference between their salary and the CNESST benefits until the end of their contract.

For comprehensive information on benefits provided by Quebec Occupational Health and Safety (CNESST - Commission des norms de l'équité, de la santé et de la securité du travail), please go to